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The Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Gravity HVLP Spray System review


I would say that when talking of the Fuji sprayers, you are likely to be talking of an entirely different game plan. The Japanese company has definitely been outstanding in every aspect. This is not the only field it has ventured into but among others where it has shown immense success.

there is however something about their paint sprayer which has been usually drawing the clients to its diverse products including the Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Gravity HVLP Spray System which we have had a chance to sample out.

What I came to realize was that though the company usually adopts a simplistic approach, it has maintained its visibility thanks to the immense strategy it has built over time on the sales and marketing department.


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While most of the people may look elsewhere, some of the most outstanding features of the paint sprayer includes:

  • It features an adjustable pattern fan control which allows for its longer use without any cases of heating and clogging. In addition, this can help adjust the pattern of the figure being painted to the desire of the paint spray user.
  • It has a1400 watt two stage motor, which is powerful enough to give it the requisite punch in the course of its use.
  • In addition, the paint sprayer has optional models of the gravity cup and the siphon feed cups respectively which are known to hold different amounts of paint to suit the needs of the user.
  • The paint sprayer weighs 26 pounds and measures 16 x 9.5 x 12.5 inches on the overall scale.
  • The paint sprayer has a turbine case with a hand gun holder which enables its efficient used. In this case, there are no cases of over spraying thanks top then turbines.
  • The sprayer comes fitted with a 1.3 tip which has been attributed to its efficiency.
  • It has an additional 25 feet hose pipe, for better reach in areas which would have hitherto be unreachable.
  • The 400cc gravity cup is an essential holding point for the paint during its use.
  • The 13mm air cap set helps in enabling the sprayer pressure at its constant.

The benefits of the paint sprayer

Some of the following are likely benefits of the paint sprayer :

Better coverage– the level of paint coverage with this paint sprayer is more enhanced especially with the addition of 25 feet hose pipe which can have its reach in any p[art of the house.

Durability– the inclusion of alternative paint holding allows the user to be able to shift to the desired paint without any need for afterthought this can save the sprayer from the effects which arise from misuse.

Cost effective– considering the price at which the gadget is offered for and the level at which it works, with no thinning required you will definitely have money’s worth of service.

• Good looking.
• Better reach.
• Pocket friendly.
• Easy to use.
• Durable
• Efficient.
• Fast.

• The bearings are prone to falling off.

Why it fits your needs ?

The level of approval the paint sprayer has in the market is just enough to give you an idea at how this paint sprayer works. With the approval rating of the sprayer soaring at over 90% with no visible levels of negativity, this paint sprayer is worth any investment put on it.

What is usually important is for the user to ensure that the user manual and how the paint sprayer is set up are in conformity with the requirements of the manufacturer. Though the Fuji stands out, you still have the chance to sample out other paint sprayer in the market.

Where to buy ?

There are several places where one can buy the paint sprayer. One of such places is the online market which has several shops for you to choose. For those of the old school, the paint sprayer is also available at your local brick and motor store along the corner.


Buying the Fuji 2203 semi-pro 2 could just be the most ideal purchase decision if you are one person who loves perfection. The level of disservice that you are guaranteed to have will amaze you. However, you need to keep your options open when in the market to ensure you have only the best.

There are other paint sprayers with the quality and stature just like the Fuji 2203 sprayers. The area where this information usually lies is in the several reviews which are in the market like ours. Just take your time, buy wisely.

This will definitely be worth every single penny that spend.


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